We regularly provide promo codes for firearm and mags purchases. To use a promo code, head on to the cart page and fill in the code.

We always ensure to meet up with our deliveries. In the rare cases in which we fail to deliver, we offer our customers with a reship/refund option.

A refund can only be issued if the firearm is defective upon delivery, missing a piece, rejected by your FFL dealer or wrong firearm shipped.

An exchange is possible within a week of receiving your firearm. After that, we cannot accept any offer of exchange.

In a bid to stay up to date with trending payment methods, we currently do not accept credit card payments.

We always stay up to date with the trending payment methods. We offer a variety of fully secure payment methods with zero charges. Our payment methods are regularly updated and can be found on the checkout page.

Yes, it is possible to return the firearm/mags after purchase. However, certain conditions have to be met. They include;

-Defective firearm on delivery

-Wrong firearm on delivery

-Missing pieces on delivery